BETTER WAYS, making supply chains more sustainable every day

The CMA CGM Group’s mission is to contribute to sustainable globalization through better balanced international trade that fosters both economic and social development while respecting the integrity of all men and women and the planet.

Our mission

We play a pivotal role in the global trade, which is why we must create value for our environment, for our customers and for our staff members. An ambition that is built around five strategic pillars for our Group. Achieving the right balance and seamless interaction between each of these pillars is the foundation of our growth that is essential for our sustained development.


We innovate to make our ships and our port terminals safer and more efficient than ever and to Enhance customer satisfaction by adapting our capacity to their demand, by handling goods with the greatest care possible - especially the most fragile of items - and by boosting our customers’ activities, with the CMA CGM+ range of solutions. Lastly, we innovate through leveraging the synergies between our shipping services on the main intercontinental routes and our revamped intra-regional lines.


The complementarity between shipping and logistics is a key part of the CMA CGM Group’s identity, and of that of its subsidiary CEVA Logistics and its airfreight division. We provide end-to-end transport solutions for all types of goods via our shipping, our overland and our airfreight services by harnessing our know-how in contract logistics and warehousing. This network of services enables us to deliver a truly intermodal approach as well as unsurpassed efficiency to meet our customers’ transportation needs.


By putting R&D, the IoT, artificial intelligence and block chain technology at the heart of our innovation processes, we at the CMA CGM Group, aim at accelerating the transport and logistics industry’s digital transformation. Our goal is to develop smart and more secure solutions, while accelerating the rollout of intuitive digital tools that deliver a smoother user experience for both our staff members and our customers, and that offer a short-term return on investment.


The CMA CGM Group’s mission is to contribute to more balanced and more inclusive globalization that is more respectful of our natural environments. Our commitment to sustainable development is backed by concrete and tangible actions that are forever more people- and more planet-friendly. Committed to the energy transition, CMA CGM Group is implementing the best available solutions - liquefied natural gas, biomethane and biofuel - which immediately reduce the environmental impact of maritime transport and logistics. The goal is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


The 155,000 women and men who work every day to develop our Group are our greatest asset. We act to ensure their safety, improve their well being and promote more inclusive approaches. We support the Group’s employees in developing their skills and talents through tailored training programs provided by the CMA CGM ACADEMY.

Our values, our strength

Since its establishment in 1978, the CMA CGM Group has continued to grow, drawing its strength from its family dimension, from a long-term strategic vision and from the expertise of its teams driven by a common passion. In keeping with our history and with our culture, we are driven by the values that unite us. Today, we are reaffirming these values to continue our development and achieve our ambitions.

The pursuit of EXCELLENCE in every area

As a leader in our industry, we owe it to ourselves to engage in a perpetual quest for excellence at every level of our organization. One that ranges from operational excellence all the way to excellence in environmental protection, as well as achieving excellence in interactions with our customers, our suppliers and our staff members. It sets a standard for everyone and is an objective for our Group.

EXEMPLARITY in every situation

With its global presence, along with the key role it plays in driving the global economy, the CMA CGM Group and all its employees must lead by example. That means upholding the highest standards in their daily tasks as well as in the strategic decisions they make.

IMAGINATION to invent the transport and logistics solutions of the future

In a fast-moving world that poses multiple challenges, the ability to challenge and reinvent oneself, and to think outside the box, is crucial if our Group is to keep growing in a sustained manner. Imagination must be synonymous with an open mind and the acceptance of people’s differences.

BOLDNESS to always go above and beyond

Boldness has long been one of the Group’s core values. It is inherent to our entrepreneurial mindset and to our passion for development. Boldness, which enables us to reach beyond our limits, never settle and always overcome every obstacle, plays a fundamental role in our ongoing development.

Key figures

With a presence in 160 countries through 400 offices, 750 warehouses, 155,000 employees and a wide fleet of 620 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world’s 521 commercial ports and operates 257 shipping lines.

  • Worldwide
  • 160 countries
  • 400 offices
  • 155,000 employees
  • 47 billion USD global revenue (in 2023)
  • Shipping
  • 620 vessels
  • 420 ports (out of 521 worldwide)
  • 257 shipping lines
  • 22 million TEUs (volume transported)
  • 5 million TEUs (fleet’s slot capacity)
  • Logistics
  • 750 warehouses
  • 9 million square meters in warehouses
  • 2.8 million tons of ground freight
  • 0.4 million tons of airfreight
  • 1.05 million TEUs (3PL & NVO ocean volumes)
  • 429 000 cubic meters LCL

Brands & Subsidiaries

With strong family values, the CMA CGM Group is dedicated to the growth of all its stakeholders. We own a diverse portfolio of brands and subsidiaries that take care of our customers and their cargo wherever they are in the world, door-to-door.

  • APL in Singapore
  • ANL in Oceania
  • CNC in the Intra-Asia market
  • Comanav in North Africa
  • Mercosul in South America
  • CMA Ships for vessel and crew management (Maintenance, supplies, shipbuilding projects etc.)
  • CMA Terminals & Terminal Link (Terminal construction, acquisition and operation)

To learn more about our Group, visit our corporate website.

  • What is a container shipping company ?

    A container shipping company transport goods internationally inside standardized containers onboard containerships.

  • Why use a container shipping company ?

    A container shipping company will facilitate your international maritime exchanges by transporting goods inside standardized containers onboard containerships. Much more than a simple transport company, it can also provide complementary services such as storage, support and tracking.

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