API & EDI Solutions

Our EDI & API solutions simplify the daily sharing of data by creating efficient connections between your system and CMA CGM's.

API: Application Program Interface

What is it?

APIs work as a plug and play service allowing information systems, yours and CMA CGM's, to communicate easily. Systems talk to each other and data is exchanged in real-time. You can easily specify the data you need and adjust the scope on your own.

At the heart of the digital age, it increases the efficiency of the exchanges but also opens new pathways for innovation. Combine our API building blocks with your own services to create new products through innovative web and mobile apps.

We deliver REST API widely used by web developers in many industries.

API features

Most up-to-date data on a 24/7 basis
Retrieve the data you need at anytime.
Quick and lower cost
Use our portal to set up on your own
Fixed format
You must adapt to our format (aligned with DCSA standards)
API skills required
Developers particularly drive such projects
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EDI: Electronic Data Interchange

What is it?

EDI allows you to exchange documents with CMA CGM via electronic batches and relies on specific standards.

The setup doesn't require any change in your process. It will simply switch from paper documents to electronic ones by separating each stream if needed. The solution streamlines the sending and receipt of your data such as Booking Requests and confirmations, Original BL, Container tracking, Schedules...

With EDI, you will increase efficiency for all transactional processes, thus get compelling advantages!

EDI features

Frequent use in the industry
Send large volumes of documents at once
EDI format defined with norms
Timer-based processing data
Need dedicated IT resources to maintain
Long implementation
Significant workload to complete
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