Cargo care

Protect your cargo, to raise your efficiency and performance levels

We have a solution to protect your cargo, from its point of origin through to delivery, whether it consists of perishables, refrigerated goods, pharmaceutical or liquid goods, electronic devices, fabrics and leather, fresh fruit and vegetables. Our advanced range of cargo containers and our complementary value-added services harness digital solutions and help you meet your environmental imperatives. Because we have an intimate understanding of the challenges you face in your business, we can go beyond simple shipping services and actually help optimize your operations and boost your value chain. 

  • Quality maintained


    Solutions to keep the maturation process of goods at bay, avoid any degradation, extend goods’ shelf life and preserve their quality.

  • Expand your business


    You can target new markets and train your sights on new faraway destinations because your cargo can be shipped over longer distances.

  • Maintain your eco-friendly credentials


    There’s no need to apply any chemical treatments, so you can retain your organic quality label.

  • Comply with food hygiene standards


    Avoid contamination, through special container preparations, to make sure the quality of your cargo is maintained, irrespective of the shipment conditions.

We offer the marketplace’s broadest container fleet. It complies with the ISO 1496 and 6346 standards and with the CSC (Convention for Safe Containers). The expertise and commitment of our 110,000 employees ensure your cargo is kept as safe and secure as possible. Certain highly fragile, valuable or unusual types of cargo require even greater protection and special measures for sea crossings. For these we have developed a made-to-measure CMA CGM+ range of services.

Controlled atmosphere and humidity

Various types of cargo are highly sensitive to their environment, and can experience degradation unless shipped in the requisite conditions. Naturally, this applies to fresh food and farming produce, as well as to products with a fiber structure, such as furniture and packaging materials, such as cardboard, which are sensitive to humidity. Controlling humidity and the atmosphere is one of the key levers that businesses and producers need to know how to employ if they are to avoid losses. To keep this type of cargo safe, we offer an array of services including “first-class” containers and customized humidity or atmosphere settings inside cargo containers.

Protect your highly sensitive cargo

Certain types of highly sensitive cargo require customized shipment arrangements, taking their every need into account. For example, pharmaceutical goods are subject to extremely strict special procedures to maintain their integrity and keep patients safe. Liquid products and sensitive apparel shipments have the same need for bespoke solutions. Find out more about the range of services we have specially designed to protect these unique types of cargo.

Protect your most valuable cargo

For high-value items, such as high-tech or luxury goods, you can add extra security. With our Barlock service, a steel security device is installed on the container to keep the doors closed. It is not removed until the container reaches its destination when a circular saw is used. As a result, you can avoid all the unwanted additional costs arising from the theft of your cargo, as well as cutting the cost of cargo insurance.

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