Special Cargo

Container solutions for shipping of special goods

Special goods require specific packaging, demanding processes, appropriate infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of international regulations to ensure their safety. Transporting refrigerated, oversized or hazardous cargos cannot be improvised. Our teams provide care, precision and expertise, helping you craft the perfect solution for your specific needs.

- Shipping of goods all over the world

For more than 40 years, we have operated on all deep sea shipping routes, as well as shorter haul shipping lines in order to meet shipping needs as closely as possible. Our fleet of modern vessels, port infrastructures and network of specialist subsidiaries enable us to serve 420 trading ports around the world.

- Shipping of refrigerated, oversized and hazardous goods

From liquid or perishable cargos to transporting heavy items such as yachts and industrial machinery, we offer shipping solutions for all types of goods, even the most hazardous. We deliver them to their final destination while also protecting their integrity.

- Efficient shipping

Our network of agencies is there to support you all over the world. Our experts offer a tailor-made service to meet your needs as closely as possible. Your refrigerated, oversized and hazardous goods are transported as quickly and safely as possible.

- Environmentally friendly shipping

The vessels in our fleet feature the latest technological innovations in terms of sustainable development and eco-responsibility in order to limit your business’s carbon footprint as much as possible. We are the first shipowner to have equipped our giant container ships with engines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The partner of choice for your refrigerated goods

Refrigerated goods

Need to transport perishable goods requiring specific atmospheric, temperature or humidity conditions? We have one of the most modern and technologically advanced fleets of reefer containers on the market. Tailored for those shipping requirements, we propose specific solutions, for example REEFLEX liquid ready for liquids, CLIMACTIVE controlled atmosphere for soft fruit and GDP processes for pharmaceutical cargoes. With a dedicated reefer team and a large network of experts, we provide customized support all over the world.

Expert solutions for your oversized goods

Oversized goods

Our Project Cargo division takes care of all your goods that cannot be loaded onto standard containers, whether they are particularly heavy, large or fragile. Thanks to our high level of technical and commercial expertise, 6 specialist teams are at your service all over the world and a dedicated project manager helps you with tailor-made solutions. Your oversized cargo is carried on CMA CGM’s fleet of vessels, in or on open-top or flat-rack containers, ensuring optimal safety.

A high level of professionalism for your hazardous goods

We apply very strict procedures for transporting your hazardous goods, respecting the highest safety standards. We do this with the support of hazardous goods offices in France (Marseille, Le Havre), the United States (Norfolk), Hong Kong and Australia (Melbourne). Their role is to deliver loading permits, without which hazardous goods cannot be loaded onto our vessels.

Military Cargo and affiliated

Specific conditions are applied to shipments of Military Cargo and affiliated under any Bill of Lading issued by a carrier within the CMA CGM Group.

We apply a strict approval process for the transportation of your Military and affiliated cargo, in order to best safeguard the interests of our company and your shipments, while remaining compliant with the requirements of the parties involved. A dedicated team at the Marseille Head Office is in charge of studying the feasibility of the shipments, providing a quotation adapted to each cargo, and gathering the relevant approvals to secure each booking.

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