Your shipping solutions

To meet your needs, we offer one of the biggest networks of shipping routes in the world, a fleet of environmentally friendly, high-performance ships and high value-added solutions to protect, track and optimize the shipping of your goods.

  • Shipping all over
    the world


    For more than 40 years, we have covered all deep-sea shipping routes, as well as shorter-haul shipping lines in order to meet our clients’ shipping needs as closely as possible. Thanks to our fleet, port infrastructures and network of specialist subsidiaries, we are able to serve 420 trading ports across the globe.

  • Shipping all types
    of cargo


    From liquid or perishable cargos to shipping heavy goods such as yachts and industrial machinery, we offer a shipping solution for every cargo. We deliver them to their final destination and protect their integrity, thanks to a large range of containers.

  • Efficient
    shipping services


    Our network of agencies covers the whole world. Our experts provide a tailor-made service to meet your needs as closely as possible. Emergency cargo, dry or hazardous, non-standard or perishable goods are shipped as quickly as possible and under optimum safety conditions.

  • Environmentally friendly
    shipping services


    The ships in our fleet incorporate the latest technological innovations in terms of sustainable development and eco-responsibility in order to limit your carbon footprint as much as possible. We are the first shipowner to equip our giant containerships with engines powered by liquefied natural gas (LNG) and now have an e-methane ready fleet.

More than 250 shipping lines serving your supply chain

With more than 250 shipping lines serving over 420 ports around the world, both long and short haul, your cargos benefit from very frequent departures and reduced transit times.

A broad network of specialist subsidiaries

To enhance our international coverage, our subsidiaries cover shipping routes that allow us to serve more than 420 ports around the world without interruption. They provide additional services all over the world, with in-depth knowledge of regional markets.

APL in North America

APL is our shipping and logistics solutions subsidiary in North America. APL takes care of shipping, offering safe and efficient services under the US flag and linking North America to Asia and the Middle East. It is a trusted partner of the US government for shipping and logistics, offering safe and efficient services to the main foreign military sites.

CNC in Asia

CNC, a leading name in intra-Asian trade, is your partner for shipping all your cargos in the Far East: from Japan to Indonesia, as well as Vietnam and Thailand.

ANL in the Pacific

ANL offers container shipping services to and from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region. ANL has a network of agencies in Southeast Asia, China and the Asia-Pacific region, offering bespoke services thanks to ANL Logistics and ANL Container Hire & Sales in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Mercosul Line in South America

Mercosul Line specializes in multimodal door-to-door container shipping and logistics on the East Coast of South America, from the Manaus Free Trade Zone to the Plata region. Its integrated and sustainable shipping solutions serve more than 2,000 inland destinations and a network of terminals with trucks, trains and barges.

Emergency shipping and RORO services

Our Eagle Express shipping solution between China and the United States via Los Angeles is designed for emergency cargos.

RORO (Roll On, Roll Off) services offer a broad range of intra-Mediterranean services to North Africa. Reduced loading and unloading times make shipping simpler and faster.

Containers: a key part of your supply chain

Our ability to customize containers for dry goods means that you can ship products of any type in any type of packaging anywhere in the world. Our containers are able to meet any needs and comply with ISO 1496 and 6346 and CSC (Convention for Safe Containers) criteria.