Products adapted to your needs

Delivering at the highest level

CMA CGM AIR CARGO is committed to providing you with reliable, customized air transport solutions to efficiently handle your freight at every stage of your supply chain.

Your satisfaction is our priority. That's why we're dedicated to providing you with the highest levels of quality and service. Our product portfolio is tailored to meet all your needs and diverse requirements: pharma, dangerous goods, perishables, luxury goods...

Solutions Tailored To Your Needs

General Cargo

  • Transportation of any kind of goods, in piece or consolidated that don't require special handling
  • Access to capacity even with special dimensions
  • Compliance to industry standards
  • E-booking and tracking


  • We ensure that your perishable cargo arrive at destination in fresh conditions (extending shelf life)
  • High Priority to capacity
  • Temperature-controlled storage and transportation
  • Late aircraft delivery
  • E-booking and tracking

Temperature controlled and Pharmaceuticals

  • Adapted handling with dedicated storage areas and limited external exposure, as per CEIV and GDP processes
  • We work with best-in-class partner, WFS pharma center at our hub in CDG
  • Special active container with temperature control (shipper / forwarder lease) can be flown on our network
  • Pharma excellence with trucking partners
  • Active tracking device
  • E-booking and tracking


  • Build-up under CCTV monitoring, dedicated handling with limited external exposure
  • Separate storage areas under CCTV monitoring (based on handling capabilities)
  • Preferential capacity access
  • Aircraft parking next to warehouse in CDG
  • Possibility of escort on demand
  • E-booking and tracking

Dangerous Goods

  • All IATA DG cargo accepted
  • Freighter fleet for transporting dangerous goods only allowed on cargo aircraft - CAO
  • Transportation of lithium batteries
  • Fully trained staff, certified according IATA DGR rules
  • Dedicated storage area, segregated from other cargo shipments
  • Tracking

Live Animals

  • Full compliance with IATA regulations (LAR), CITIES as well as country specifics
  • Infrastructure dedicated to live animals (eg "Live Animals" station at CDG) and dedicated acceptance at GHA
  • High loading priority, no offload
  • Animal well-being and safety during the whole journey
  • Tracking

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