Supply chain agility

Optimize your supply chain

Managing your supply chain is a strategic priority for your business. Effective management of operations, shipping flows and cargo processing have a positive impact on your costs and your organization.

Since your supply chain is crucial for profitability, we provide a dedicated range of services to get it running as efficiently as possible.

  • Higher speed


    Opt for priority handling of your cargo throughout its journey to optimize your supply chain.

  • More visibility


    Track and monitor your cargo virtually in real time. With our SMART containers, you can check where your cargo is at any time, when it will reach its next and then its final destination.

  • Greater responsiveness

    Damage-Circles Copy

    You are able to react by taking immediate action should a problem arise.

Get priority status for your cargo

SEAPRIORITY range of value-added services can accelerate supply flows at different stages of your cargo’s journey so you can meet your supply chain’s production or distribution imperatives.

Ensure a more reliable supply chain with flexible freetime

You can now extend the terms at a preferred rate compared to the usual detention and demurrage fees.

Retrieve, store and manage data to track your cargo in real time

Thanks to SMART reefer containers, you can monitor the conditions and status of your reefer cargo during the whole transport on an easy and intuitive dashboard. Special installed devices provide an end-to-end visibility in near real-time service from empty pick up to container restitution.

You will receive key data in just a couple clicks:

  • GPS position and geofencing
  • Temperature
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Oxygen
  • Relative humidity

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